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Why choose Budapest?



The rebuild and transformation of Budapest into a modern metropolis has been going on for ten years without a pause. During that time there has been a new bridge built over the Danube, Andrássy street and Nagykörút on both Buda and Pest sides have been renovated and a similar renewal for the Hungária circle is awaiting to be finished by the turn of the millenium. The industrial projects of the suburbs have given way to new malls to be built in their place. On the ugly, empty parcels of the capital offices and banks have been emerged. The renovation works include theatres, baths, museums, libraries, parks, roads, overpasses, transportation, social and health institutions as well. 

Budapest is becoming a sparkling big city once again. Historic cafés are reopened or renovated, galleries, alternative studios are being formed and cultural festivals are succeeding each other almost endlessly. 
The city has again become a worthy centre of the country, and with our joining to the European Union she can easily become the centre of the region, too. 

Budapest is located in the temperate zone with a continental climate. Four seasons succeed each other, with temperature heights in July and August, when it can be as hot as 28-30 °C. The coldest months are December and January when temperature can be as low as -15 °C. Between April and September sunny hours can reach 8 per day on average. 

The local time zone is Central European Time: GMT + 1 hour. From March to the end of October there is daylight saving time setting used when it's GMT +2 hours.

Holidays are the national holidays (March 15, August 20, October 23), May 1., and also as per the catholic calendar January 1, Easter Sunday, Monday, All Saints Day, Christmas and the second day of Christmas. 

In Hungary the electric network is run on 220 Volt, the plugs are of regular continental types. 

By phone the country code is 36, Budapest area code is 1. To dial a long distance number the prefix to use is 06. Phone number in Budapest are of seven digits, countryside numbers are of eight digits including the area number. To call international from Hungary first dial 00, then after the tone enter the country code and then the area code, then the desired number. Public phones operate with 20, 50 and 100 coins or with phone cards which can be purchased at Post Offices, gas stations and newsstands. Off peak periods for calls are on Holidays and nighttime. To call a Hungarian cellphone the prefix is 06, then the number which is nine digits long including the 20, 30 or 70 area code.

Budapest's territory is 52.5 thousand hectares. The population is more than 1.8 million people which means a 200 thousand drop in the past ten years. On average, every 61st minutes there is a marriage made in Budapest.


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