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 1. Q: Is there only one airport in Budapest?
A: No. There are two airports: Liszt Ferenc 1  and Liszt Ferenc 2 ,Liszt Ferenc 2 has even two terminals (A & B) right next to each other. On request, the Stagmaster minibus will pick you up directly at your terminal. Your name will be posted on a welcome card for you to see as you come from your plane. Usually one of our female team member will acompany you tó The Hotel and help with checking in. During The ride on The bus, beer and water are served.

2. Q: Do we need transportion to get to the activities?
A: No, Stagmaster provides door-to-door transport throughout your party schedule to events and activities both inside and outside of Budapest.

3. Q: Why are flights not included in your stag package?
A: Flights to and from Budapest can be readily and easily booked individaully through The internet or your own travel agent.

4. Q: Can I book a normal Budapest weekend with you?
A: Yes. Maybe you just want a weekend away, or a ripping good time with the boys, sampling the infamous Budapest nightlife. Email us with your personal requirements and we will satisfy your every desire.

5. Q: Our group doesn't want to do clay pigeon shooting or a boat trip on the Danube.
A: No problem. Stagmaster is flexible to your needs so a party schedule can be tailor-made with as many or as few program as you desire. Just go to the Stagbasket to explore your options.

6. Q: What happens if we have to cancel at the last minute?
A: Please refer to our terms and conditions (link). We understand that for various reasons you may have to cancel up to the last minute before your scheduled weekend. But in making arrangements for you, Stagmaster incurs certain costs that are non-refundable to us. This includes payment for hotels, activities and transport. On receiving a cancellation up to four weeks prior to your scheduled weekend, Stagmaster will refund 50% of your pre-paid deposit. Between 2 and four weeks prior, we will refund 25% of your deposit. If the cancellation comes to us less than two weeks before the scheduled weekend, then your payment cannot be refunded. It is important that these terms be understood before booking with us.

7. Q: How much should I budget for the whole weekend?
A: Your expenses can be broken down in three parts: 1, Stagmaster package; 2, flight ticket; 3, Hotel; 4, Pocket Money.  For example if you choose Go-carting, Day games, Turkish Baths, and Stagmaster celebration dinner, then per-person package price will run about 160 Euros. Hotel dbroom 70 Euros, a normal flight booked two months in advance from the UK to Budapest might cost 60 Euros. Spending money could be around 150 Euros.

8. Q: What happens if members of our group fly in and out of Budapest at varying times?
A: If the two flights are within an hour of each other, the first group to have landed could wait for the other in the airport bar and then be picked up together by the Stagmaster minibus. If the time between groups is too long, we will arrange for the larger group to be picked up and the smaller group could take a taxi or airport minibus to the scheduled activity or to the hotel.

9. Q: Who is Stagmaster?
A: Stagmaster is one of the many aliases of George Kégl, Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Events Network and well-known man-about-town. His favorite spirit is Plum Palinka. His favorite cocktail is a Bloody Mary.

10. Q: How do I book with Stagmaster?
A: Go to the Stagbasket page and enter your requirements. You can play with the Stagbasket quote system to get prices for different options. The easiest way to do this is to select all the options for your group size and then you will receive a price for every activity. You can then choose the options that you would like, and repeat the Stagbasket quote process. Once you are happy with the quote results, press the Book Now button at the bottom and this will take you to the booking form. You will need to enter your personal details, flight details and agree to Stagmasters terms and conditions. There will also be instructions about deposit payment.

11. Q: How much is the deposit and how do I pay the balance?
A: The booking deposit is 50% of the total package cost. It should be paid by bank transfer. Once Stagmaster has received your booking depsosit, then your booking is confirmed. The remaining 50% balance payment must be paid cash at arrival in Budapest. 12. Q: We don't need accommodation with Stagmaster, just some of the activities?
A: That´s fine. You have absolutely no obligation to book your accommodation with us to be eligible for the activities or events. You may just need the celebration dinner, or just the go carting, or you want only the Riverboat cruise. Some groups have found the web-site after already booking their accommodation, and just book activities. Just book what you want - any combination is acceptable.

13. Q: We've heard about doing or seeing XYZ in Budapest, but we can't find them on the Stagmaster website?
A: Write us with details and you will get all informations you need.

14. Q: Not all of us want to do every activity, but the Stagbasket activity selector won't accommodate this - Help
A: We get this a lot - some of the group want to play golf, while the rest would prefer to go to the casino. Just e-mail us with your numbers for each activity, and we'll e-mail you back a personalised quote. If you're happy with this, let us know and we'll direct you to your own personalised booking form.

15. Q: Can we see some live spectator sports and cultural events in the summer?
A: Yes. The CsiO-W Equestrian show jumping competition is an event not to be missed. It takes place each year, usually in the beginning of August. The Hungaroring Formula 1 car race also takes place in August. Other cultural highlights include:- The Budapest Spring and Autumn art and (classical) music festivals , The Island (Pop, Rock and Jazz) Music festival in August, the largest one-week music festival on Earth!- Budapest International Wine and Champagne Festival each year in mid-September in Budapest's Castle District.- The Visegrád International Palace Games held each July in the Castle town of Visegrád. Knight tournament (swords and lances!), a medieval market and the odd damsel in distress.

16. Q: Do we get a hotel booking confirmation to show when we check in?
A: Yes. Your rooms are booked in advance and your booking confirmation ensures a hassle-free check-in.

17. Q: Can you send me a brochure?
A: No. To keep information constantly up-to-date, we rely on our website to communicate our services to our customers. If you do need a hard-copy, however, just click "printer-friendly version" on our home page.

18. Q: Are there any lapdancing clubs in Budapest?
A: Yes. We recommend the,,

19 Q: How is the weather in Budapest?
A:Located in a continental weather zone it has usually cold winters and hot summers.


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