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 Hi Judith, Thank you very much for the last weekend event with Stagmaster!  It was very nice of a such sweet and young lady to take so good care of these gentlemen. All the guys were very excited and appreciated the driving and became almost 20 again :-) Good luck with the business and take care

Olle, Sweden

Hello Judit, Thanks for a good tank driving event this weekend. We all had a good time. We will surely recommend the Stagmaster to our friends. You are a beautiful girl.

Take care

Jonas K. Kalmar, Sweden
meine geistige und körperlich verfassung war schon lange nicht mehr so schlecht an einem montag vielen dank für die organisation des Stagmasters grüsse & bis in 3 wochen
Benjamin R.

George, vielen Dank für die Organisation des Stagmaster, war ein sehr gelungenes Wochenende! Grüße und auf bald
Caspar Sch.

........was für ein Wochenende, ein Hochgenuss mit Euch und Stagmaster. Wir sollten wirklich über einen Jour Fix nachdenken! Gruß
Christian S. München

I can't emphasize enough what a great time everyone had last weekend with Stagmaster, especially for the Groom, for whom it represented exactly the send off he was looking for.
Claudio,  London UK

...dem kann ich mich nur anschließen - auch wenn ich das Ende nicht mehr mitbekommen habe. Gehe aber davon aus , daß auch diese Nacht noch entsprechende Highlights hatte, hoffentlich nicht nur auf Kosten von Maxi und dem Hintern von Felix. Ein Dank an alle Organisatoren, insbesondere an Georg und sein Stagmaster Team. Ihr habt das super gemacht!! Falls einer von uns nochmals in die Verlegenheit kommt seinen Jungesellenabschied (verheiratet oder nicht) zu planen, werden wir auf das bewährte Stagmaster Team zurückgreifen. Bis in drei Wochen Grüße,
Daniel Sch. , München

A big well done again to George and his Stagmaster team. The second stag was as good as the first. George was up to the challenge and fitted the program to our needs. Here's looking forward to the third time round!
James O’ R., Stuttgart

Everyone seems to have recovered (one actually threw up on on the flight back (yes, the Briton)), and whenever we were the word Budapest all will have a smile on their face! Once again, many thanks for all your help of the Stagmaster - you really made the difference! Regards,
Jasper v.B. , London UK

Merci encore pour l'excellent week-end avec Stagmaster et ta présence permanente à nos cotés pour ces moments qu'Amédée et nous autres n'oublierons pas de si tôt ! Les nombreuses photos prises dans le bus et les clubs par la jolie blonde dont j'ai oublié le nom doivent être terrifiantes mais j'aimerais quand même bien les voir et les passer aux autres !! Tu peux me les envoyer ?
Jean-Baptiste dM.,  Paris France

Dear George, I am alive! And I hope you are as well. Please allow me to thank you for a most fantastic weekend in Budapestwith the STAGMASTER. Everyone had the best time and LOVED the stagmobile. You can rest assured that anybody and everybody that needs a stag party will be given your number. Thanks again,
Luis F. ,  Madrid Espana

GIRLS, 1000 DANK FÜR DIESES SAGENHAFTE WOCHENENDE!!! HABE ES RIESIG GENOSSEN UND SELTEN SO VIEL GELACHT und auch über den Arsch vom Felix. War ein super Almauftrieb und entlässt mich gestärkt ins Reich der Ehe!.... Hoffentlich geht's da auch so zu. Einen riesen Dank and Carl!, Zeno, et all für die super Idee und Organisation (merci George und das Stagmaster team) !!! Und dass Ihr alle nach Budapest gekommen seid. Es ist schon ein Traum, so gute Freunde(innen ala Piroshka) zu haben. Ich freue mich auf Euch in 2 1/2 Wochen! dann gehts weiter.... Servus,
Maxi Sch. , München Germany

Many thanks for a fantastic weekend with the STAGMASTER, the chaps thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there is definitely talk of arranging a second trip to the lodge for a hunting weekend later in the year. If so then we will certainly be in touch and when I am next in Budapest will c if u are available for a beer. Thank you for your efforts also sending the photos. I look forward to viewing them. Take care of yourself and dont start any fights with taxi drivers (the boys were most impressed with your efforts to retrieve the money). Until next time all the best and good luck in the immediate future.

Paul C. London, UK

Dear George, Despite probably being a difficult client, I wanted to thank you enormously for all the hard work you put into our weekend. I have had emails from the boys waxing lyrical about every aspect of the weekend. I have to say the Turkish baths were one of the highlights and I’ m glad we where just about able to keep those randy males under control. But the Stagmasters presence throughout the whole weekend really made it work well and smoothly. I shall never forget your face appearing from behind the doors as the snake charmers (!) came in. Johnny was very pleased, describing it as the best weekend of his life. That’ s all I needed to hear. A job well done. It couldn’ t have gone better. I hope also that you might get some repeat business out of it, perhaps on corporate budgets. Many thanks and I’ ll keep in touch, and hope to come to Budapest again. I hope you had a wonderful (even though delayed) honeymoon. Send my love to Evelin! Yours, Paul PS I have given Adriana Lazinca your email address. She worked with me in Banja Luka and is in Buda working for USAID. She’ s Croatian and nice, so I suggested she get in touch with you.
Paul H. London UK

Lieber George, War ein herrliches Wochenende - well done! Großer Dank gilt Dir und Deiner Stagmaster crew.
Philipp Sch. , München Germany

Hab alles meiner Mami erzählt, ...die war begeistert und will jetzt auch unbedingt mal nach Budapest George Carl und die Mädels vielen Dank für die phantastische Stagmaster Organisation und Solti danke, daß Du mir die Mädels so schön geredet hast sonst hät ichs glaub ich nicht gemerkt. Freu mich schon auf die nächste Tour Bäsch

Having spoken to some of the guys, I heard nothing but hyperboles about the stagmaster weekend and can only imagine what I have missed (even WITHOUT private bath and hunter's lodge...). So: thanks again, and maybe see you soon - in Budapest or London...
Xander H. London, UK


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